The Skinlight UVB Comb

If you are suffering from persistent scalp psoriasis, even after having tried many different treatments, then UVB Light Therapy treatment could be for you. The Skinlight UVB 311 Comb/Bar is a fantastic lightweight and portable method to treat the scalp or small areas of the body for Psoriasis and many other general skin complaints. The SkinLight UVB Light is very effective at treating scalp psoriasis and smaller patches on the body. It has a removable UV-active acrylic brush adaptor, to help penetrate through the hair to reach scalp. You will notice a difference after a just few days; your skin will be noticeably lighter and less tight and flaky. It has a high UV intensity, with a wavelength of 310-315nm, for optimum treatment. The lightbar can also be used on its own to treat smaller patches on your body. The SkinLight is very lightweight and easy to use. It can be operated with a timer for maximum control of treatment times. SkinLight comes complete with with UV protection glasses and a 2 year warranty. NLHC recommend that you consult your dermatologist for full treatment advice before using SkinLight.

Purchase £265.00 (plus £10 carriage).
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SkinLight benefits:
Lightweight and easy to use.
High UV intensity for optimum treatment.
Effective at treating scalp psoriasis.
Removable UV-active acrylic brush adaptor.
Brush adaptor helps penetrate through the hair to reach scalp. Timer feature for maximum control.
Notice a difference after a just few days of use.
Treats the scalp and small areas of the body.
The light bar can be used without the comb option.

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