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Acticare TSE, safe and effective pain relief.

One of the most common therapeutic applications of electronic medical devices is pain relief. These electrotherapy devices are accepted as a viable alternative to pharmaceutical methods for pain relief and are routinely used both at home and in hopitals by physiotherapists and other medical professionals.

In the early 1990's two doctors - Dr Alex Macdonald and Dr Tim Coates - developed a system that improved on TENS therapy existing at the time.

Their system increased the pain relief capabilities and allowed the patient to treat multiple areas simultaneously.

They called this system Acticare TSE.

TSE Therapy that penetrates deep tissues.

Acticare TSE is the original and best high power TENS therapy that uses electrical impulses that work directly on the spinal cord. You use Acticare TSE by sticking two pads to the skin on your back in one of the positions shown below, depending on where you are experiencing pain.

Once the pads are in place you turn on the Acticare TSE unit to begin your treatment. It's as simple as that!

pad placement Just Two Steps to Effective Drug-Free Relief!

1. Apply the pads

The pads are to be applied in one of the two positions shown on the right.

2. Turn on the relief

Turn on Acticare TSE. Acticare TSE will automatically time your treatment for you and let you know when it is finished.

The keys to success:

  • Always read your user manual before starting TSE treatments.
  • Let your doctor know you that are using Acticare TSE for pain relief.
  • Never stop taking medication prescribed by your doctor without their consent.
  • Ensure that you use the right treatment time and number of treatments as recommended in the user manual
Important Information:

Acticare TSE should be used within the guidelines set out in the user manual. In particular, always observe the following contraindications and precautions before using Acticare TSE:


  • Pace maker. Never use Acticare TSE if you have a pacemaker.
  • Epilepsy. Do not use electrical stimulation if you are epileptic.
  • Unknown Etiology. Do not use electrical stimulation to relieve pains until they have been diagnosed by your doctor.


  • Pregnancy. Pregnant women, or women who are trying to become pregnant should not use Acticare TSE.
  • Very sensitive skin. People with very sensitive skin should be cautious when using Acticare TSE because the sticky gel used in the electrodes may cause reddening of the skin. Special hypoallergenic electrodes are available for people with sensitive skin.

Now selling for just £199!

To buy now simply click the button below:


Or you can order by Telephone - FREEPHONE 0800 107 7951 (Anytime)
Or you can rent for £29 a month [a great option for those who want to just try before buying]


Please note that prices exclude and carriage of £6.00.
£6.00 for Euro48 Parcel Force service : Delivery standards may vary for remote areas. Online tracking and proof of delivery.

Acticare TSE spares and accesories [Prices exclude VAT and carriage of £2.50 per item]:

charger batteries manual spare pads
Fast Charge Cradle (A00007)
Charges Acticare batteries in under 2 hours without removing them from the case £26.00

Rechargeable Batteries (A00200)
Set of Ni-MH batteries suitable for the Acticare devices and the fast charger. £8.50

Acticare TSE User Manual (C00201)
Replacement [or extra] instruction manual for the Acticare TSE treatment unit. £4.00

Electrode Pads

Pair of replacement electrode pads for the Acticare TSE treatment unit. £6.75

charger batteries manual spare pads
Hypoallergenic Blue Electrode Pads (C00220)
Replacement electrodes for TSE treatment on sensitive skin. £9.75

Electrode Leadwire (C00234)
Wire that connects from your Acticare device to electrodes. £5.75

Acticare Carry Bag (C00208)
Acticare branded bag to fit the TSE device and accessories. £18.00

Standard Battery Charger (C00211)
The basic 'overnight' battery charger. Holds 4 batteries £18.50

Telephone FREEPHONE 0800 107 7951 to order anytime.

VAT relief:

If you suffer from chronic pain you may be eligible for VAT relief. We will send you a form which you can self declare. A doctors note is NOT necessary and your own signature or the signature of a parent, guardian, care person or trustee is acceptable.

Visit the customs and revenue website |here| for further details.


Common Acticare Questions answered:

What is TSE?
TSE stands for Transcutaneous (through the skin) Spinal Electro-analgesia (electronic pain relief). TSE is a drug-free treatment that provides effective relief from persistent aches and pains. It works by suppressing pain signals in the spinal cord using tiny electronic pulses. Although these pulses are repeated many thousands of times a second, they cannot be felt. TSE is safe, clinically proven to relieve pain and improve mood, and already used by thousands of people in the UK.

What is Acticare TSE?
TSE is currently only available on Acticare devices. Acticare TSE is the handheld electronic device that is used to deliver TSE treatments. It is both very easy-to-use, and the most sophisticated TSE device ever made. If you would like to purchase an Acticare TSE device please contact us or use our online ordering facility.

Is TSE safe?
Yes. Since the invention of TSE eleven years ago it has been safely and successfully used by the NHS and by thousands of people in the UK without any known harmful side-effects.

Why is Acticare more costly than some TENS devices?
Acitcare TSE is rather more sophisticated than a handheld TENS machine. It is unique in that it delivers the power output of a professional desktop electrotherapy machine in a battery powered device that you can carry in your pocket, 5-10 times the power of the best handheld TENS machines. This is achieved using a revolutionary method of digital waveform synthesis that is far more efficient than traditional designs.

How does Acticare TSE compare with a typical TENS device?
TSE pulses are of higher voltage, shorter duration and higher power than TENS. The Acticare TSE device looks very similar in size and shape to a TENS device, but its size is deceptive: under typical treatment conditions it delivers 5-10 times the power.

Do TSE treatments hurt?
No. TSE treatments are entirely painless and produce virtually no tingling sensation. Most people who use TSE cannot feel it at all.

What can TSE do for me?
If you suffer from a persistent painful condition such as back pain, osteoarthritis, unspecified musculoskeletal pains, migraine, or many others Acticare TSE can greatly improve your quality of life by:

  • reducing or eliminating aches and pains
  • reducing or eliminating requirements for pain killing drugs
  • improving your sleep and mood
  • increasing your mobility
  • complementing any beneficial drug therapies without risk of introducing any known harmful interactions or side effects

Is Acticare TSE easy to use?
Yes, very. Simplicity and effectiveness are two major advantages of Acticare TSE.

Placing a pad on either side of your neck treats suitable pains in the head, neck, upper chest, and shoulders - while placing one pad at the base of your neck and the other halfway down your back treats pains arising everywhere else. This is unlike many other electrotherapy technologies where electrodes need to be placed over the exact nerves supplying the painful region, which usually requires expert advice. In short, you can effectively relieve pains anywhere in your body whilst at home with one easy-to -use technique.

Why are the pads placed over my spine?
All pain signals have to travel to your spinal cord before they can be felt, no matter where they come from in your body. TSE works by suppressing the passage of these signals in the spinal cord to provide pain relief.

Can I treat pain anywhere on my body?
Yes. Because TSE works by suppressing the passage of pain signals in the spinal cord it can treat multiple pains anywhere on your body at the same time.

What conditions has TSE had success with?
TSE is successfully being used today by people at home and by NHS pain clinics to treat conditions including back pain, osteoarthritis, cervical spondylitis, headaches, migraine, post-operative pain, neuralgia and many other painful conditions. Click here for a list of conditions that TSE has had success with.

How successful is the TSE treatment?
TSE is a clinically proven treatment for persistent aches and pains. A formal, controlled clinical trial published in the Physiotherapy Journal (Macdonald and Coates 1995) showed unequivocal support for the beneficial effect of TSE as compared with the control in reducing five measures of pain severity.

Is TSE used in Hospitals?
Yes, TSE is currently being used in over 150 NHS hospitals.

When can I expect relief?
After an initial two-week treatment program most people have relief after 20 minutes of treatment. Some people find that they have relief after only 5 minutes. However, if your condition is very severe, or long-standing it may require several hours of treatment on a daily basis.

What other benefits will I get from TSE?
TSE has been proven to improve mood. Tests show that people using TSE for 30 minutes feel more 'elated', 'leisurely', and 'less tense'. Also, the effects of TSE have been observed to add-up, or accumulate, over time. Unlike other pain relief methods where you may require higher and higher doses to get the same relief as time goes on, one third of TSE users get longer lasting relief with every treatment.

Is Acticare TSE guaranteed?
Yes. You can return your Acticare TSE device within 28 days of purchase for a full refund. The Acticare TSE unit is guaranteed against faults in materials and workmanship for one year.

Can I telephone for advice?
Yes. Just call free on 0800 107 7951 for advice and to purchase.

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