Acticare TSE

Acticare TSE, safe and effective pain relief.
One of the most common therapeutic applications of electronic medical devices is pain relief. These electrotherapy devices are accepted as a viable alternative to pharmaceutical methods for pain relief and are routinely used both at home and in hopitals by physiotherapists and other medical professionals.

In the early 1990’s two doctors – Dr Alex Macdonald and Dr Tim Coates – developed a system that improved on TENS therapy existing at the time.

Their system increased the pain relief capabilities and allowed the patient to treat multiple areas simultaneously.

They called this system Acticare TSE.
TSE Therapy that penetrates deep tissues.

Acticare TSE is the original and best high power TENS therapy that uses electrical impulses that work directly on the spinal cord. You use Acticare TSE by sticking two pads to the skin on your back in one of the positions shown below, depending on where you are experiencing pain.

Once the pads are in place you turn on the Acticare TSE unit to begin your treatment. It’s as simple as that!

pad placement Just Two Steps to Effective Drug-Free Relief!

  • Apply the pads

The pads are to be applied in one of the two positions shown on the right.

  • Turn on the relief

Turn on Acticare TSE. Acticare TSE will automatically time your treatment for you and let you know when it is finished.

The keys to success:

  • Always read your user manual before starting TSE treatments.
  • Let your doctor know you that are using Acticare TSE for pain relief.
  • Never stop taking medication prescribed by your doctor without their consent.
  • Ensure that you use the right treatment time and number of treatments as recommended in the user manual

Important Information:

Acticare TSE should be used within the guidelines set out in the user manual. In particular, always observe the following contraindications and precautions before using Acticare TSE:


  • Pace maker. Never use Acticare TSE if you have a pacemaker.
  • Epilepsy. Do not use electrical stimulation if you are epileptic.
  • Unknown Etiology. Do not use electrical stimulation to relieve pains until they have been diagnosed by your doctor.


  • Pregnancy. Pregnant women, or women who are trying to become pregnant should not use Acticare TSE.
  • Very sensitive skin. People with very sensitive skin should be cautious when using Acticare TSE because the sticky gel used in the electrodes may cause reddening of the skin.
  • Special hypoallergenic electrodes are available for people with sensitive skin.

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